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Eilen Thedford and Frances Fontaine are at it again!!!

They are getting a group of friends together
to paint for fun this summer while most classes take a break.

Thursday Afternoons. Bower Classroom
Dates: June 6 - August 22
Time: 1-4 PM
Cost:    $3 Studio Fee

There will be no teacher, no lessons, no
responsibilities, just bring your work and have fun.

Afterwards we can walk to dinner to one of
the great restaurants nearby.

If you can join us great, if it doesn't work
we will miss you. This is a come and go only if it works for YOU. Each week
will vary who will be there with summer vacations, etc.

Please bring $3 to each session for the
studio fee. We will collect from everyone each week and leave in Treasurer's

Yay, how fun???? Hope you can join us for
relaxing, music filled, paint, laugh, cry, dance, eat, drink....etc. play days.  


For more information call:

Eilen Thedford @ 817-368-4637

Frances Fontaine @ 318-773-7732

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